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Consumer Engagement

Who are consumers and carers?

The term consumers refers to all the people who use or are thinking about using Helping Hand’s services.

The term carers refers to the family, friends and others who care about, look after or in other ways support  people who use Helping Hand’s services.

What is consumer and carer engagement?

Helping Hand invites consumers and carers to participate in the planning, development, implementation and review of policies, services and practices which affect them. This involves listening to what people say and responding to the feedback we receive.

If the listening and responding processes are working well, people will feel a sense of ownership of the services they receive. This outcome is called consumer and carer engagement.

Why are we doing it?

We believe consumer and carer engagement:

  • is an ethical and democratic right
  • is integral to improving our services in terms of quality, responsiveness, safety and accountability
  • improves lifestyle and health outcomes

How are we doing it?

The Consumer and Carer Framework spells out in detail what we believe and our commitment to engagement. Download a copy here.

Based on the framework, there are a range of engagement activities occurring – find out more here.

Want to be involved?

You can be part of this process by:

From time to time we will have opportunities to be involved more formally. These will be promoted on Facebook and on the Turn Up Your Voice! page.

Hot Topics

We are currently discussing:

New opportunity to join

  • Would you like to join the Consumer and Carer Reference Group? We are looking for new members, especially if you live in the country. Send an email or call 08 8224 7817 if you are interested.


  • How can we work better with, and support, carers of people who receive Helping Hand services?

Private services

  • What additional services would you buy from Helping Hand if they were available?

Do you have an opinion on these topics? Send an email or call us on 1300 653 600



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