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Consumer Engagement

We listen to and value the feedback of our consumers and carers.

Engaging with our consumers and carers helps us to improve services in terms of quality, responsiveness, safety and accountability. It also helps us improve lifestyle and health outcomes.

Who are consumers and carers?
Consumers are the people who use or are thinking about using Helping Hand’s services.
Carers are the family, friends and others who care about, look after or in other ways support people who use Helping Hand’s services.

What is consumer and carer engagement?
Helping Hand invites consumers and carers to take part in the planning, development, implementation and review of services and practices which affect them. We listen to what people say and respond to their feedback. In this way, people feel a sense of ownership of their services.

How are we doing it?
Through the Consumer and Carer Framework, which can be downloaded below. Based on the framework, there are a range of engagement activities happening.

Want to be involved?
Email or call us on 1300 653 600. Consumers and carers can be involved in the following ways:

  • Joining the Consumer and Carer Reference Group
  • Joining in the discussion on our current Hot Topics:
    • How can we work better with, and support, carers of people who receive Helping Hand services?
    • What additional services would you buy from Helping Hand if they were available?
  • Following Helping Hand on Facebook.

Turn Up Your Voice (TUYV) is the approach and name given to all feedback received and engagement that occurs at Helping Hand. This includes not only consumers and carers, but staff and volunteers as well.

The philosophy supporting TUYV is Everybody Matters. We want to hear from as many clients, carers, families, staff and volunteers as possible.

For more information, call us on 1300 653 600.

The Consumer and Carer Reference Group is made up of both Helping Hand clients and family members.

The Group was formed to allow consumers and carers the opportunity to discuss topics and issues relating to Helping Hand care and services. Members of the group give feedback and are involved in decision making which affects them.

If you are interested in joining the group, or would like to know more, call us on 1300 653 600.

Need more information? Read our useful fact sheets below.