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Turn Up Your Voice

Consumer and carer engagement in action

Turn Up Your Voice is the name for activities Helping Hand is doing to ensure that older people who use our services, and their family, friends and carers, can have a say on what we do. These are some of things which have been happening over the last two years.

Consumer and carer reference group

The Consumer and Carer Reference Group has been established to provide a forum for consumers and carers to discuss topics and issues relating to Helping Hand services, and provide advice which will influence the current and future service and strategic directions. The primary focus in all discussions is:

  • What do consumers and carers want to say on this topic?
  • What do consumers and carers want to happen about this topic?

Turn Up Your Voice satisfaction surveying

How satisfied are consumers and carers with services from Helping Hand? This is the question we asked using a new approach to ‘satisfaction surveying’ developed in partnership with the Consumer and Carer Reference Group. Read more


Co-design is a new way of identifying issues, developing solutions and putting them into practice. It hasn’t been done in a residential aged care setting, until Helping Hand Parafield Gardens took up the challenge in 2013. Read more

Upcoming Projects

Focus on carers
The contribution of carers is an integral part of the aged care system in Australia. This year, we plan to focus on the ways we can include carers as much as possible in decision making and planning for care. We also will look at new ways to provide support to carers. This means we will work at a number of different levels – getting our policy settings right; trialling new peer to peer support models; working with others, such as TACSI, to transition innovative pilots into on-going practice; and, where necessary, partnering with universities to expand our understanding of the issues.

Consumer advisors
We want to extend the opportunities for older people and carers to have input into the services we provide. We will do this establishing a Turn Up Your Voice! network of older people and carers who will be available to provide a consumer/carer voice in a range of different circumstances for example, as advisors on organisational committees or working closely at the local level with different sites and services. As this work develops, we will advertise opportunities here on our website, on our Facebook page and through other communication.


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