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The Helping Hand Way


Ian Hardy AM

I’m often asked, “What makes Helping Hand different from other organisations?” Simply put, it’s the people we employ. It’s their caring nature that changes the lives of those around them. They’re remarkable for their willingness to help – nothing is impossible. Their pride comes from knowing they are genuinely making a difference.

It’s these values that we’ve captured in The Helping Hand Way. It is intended to deliver a clear message about who we are, what we believe is important and our promise to our clients, staff and our broader community.

The Helping Hand Way also represents the relationship between our mission, objectives, values, workforce qualities and service ethos. It reminds us of the part they pay in our everyday life. They reflect what our community expects and values about what we do and how we do it.

Together, we all breathe, live and practice The Helping Hand Way.

Ian Hardy, AM
Chief Executive


Our Mission

To provide innovative and responsive services for older people, which support them to have the best quality of life.

Our Objectives

The wellbeing of our residents is central to everything we do. We strive to provide a higher quality of life with an array of innovative services that assist older people to achieve:

Individualised wellness – we believe that wellness is a right and determined by the individual
Dignity of living – we believe everyone is entitled to the care and attention they deserve
Quality of life – we believe older people have a right to maintain their quality of life, sense of purpose and contribution to the community
Choice – we believe that choice is about supporting options, client preference and informed decision making

Our Values

Our core values are reflected in everything we do. They form the foundation on which we work, interact, make decisions and develop strategy supporting our mission.

Compassion – we believe in demonstrating our concern for others and doing everything we can to help
Respect – we believe that everyone has the right to have their feelings, wishes and rights recognised and honoured
Excellence – we believe in providing the highest standard that goes above and beyond everything we do
Community – we believe in creating relationships that foster a better connection with our clients, our teams, each other and our community

Our Qualities

The personal characteristics and qualities our staff possess, enables us to deliver our service promise and reflect our values.

Engaged – our staff listen, are attentive and interested in understanding the needs of our clients
Dedicated – our staff are committed to making a difference through their work and always bring their absolute best every day
Professional – the professionalism of our staff is reflected in their skills and knowledge, respectful communication and courteous behaviour
Genuine – our staff’s intentions and actions are sincere and authentic in everything they do

Our Service Ethos

Putting client choice first is at the core of our service ethos. We achieve this by being:

Connected – we believe an active and engaged community of clients, staff and volunteers offers a welcoming community that is built together
Personalised – we believe that excellence in care means we deliver our services to suit the needs of the individual
Considerate – we believe keeping everyone’s feelings in mind and understanding their circumstances, will result in better service
Caring – we believe caring for clients and their choices demonstrates the compassion and respect they deserve



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