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Royal Commission 2019

In September 2018 the Federal Government announced a Royal Commission in to Aged Care Quality and Safety and released the Terms of Reference in October.

In broad terms, the Terms of Reference require the Commission to examine:
(a) the quality and safety of aged care services provided to older Australians by reference to a range of factors, such as dignity, choice and control, clinical care, end-of-life care;
(b) how best to deliver aged care services in a sustainable way including to residents with a disability and those living with dementia, examples of good practice and innovative models of care;
(c) the future challenges for delivering accessible, affordable and high quality services in the context of rapidly changing demographics and consumer preferences.

On 23 November 2018 Helping Hand, as a larger provider, was invited to provide an early written submission to the Commission. This submission is due by 7 January 2018.

Currently, it is voluntary to participate in the Royal Commission. Helping Hand is choosing to participate, for several reasons:

  • We are committed to transparency, accountability and continuous improvement;
  • We value our workforce and recognise that the vast majority of aged care staff provide services with great compassion and professionalism; and
  • We are hopeful that the Royal Commission recommendations will strengthen the aged care sector and lead to improved outcomes for older Australians.

The first Hearing of the Royal Commission is being held on 18 January 2019, and the Commission is aiming to deliver an interim report in October 2019 and a final report in April 2020.

For further information, or if you have any feedback about the Royal Commission process, please contact Helping Hand on 1300 653 600.

You can also find out more and follow the progress of the Royal Commission via its website at agedcare.royalcommission.gov.au

You can subscribe to updates to the Royal Commission in to Aged Care Quality and Safety at agedcare.royalcommission.gov.au/news/Pages/Mailing-list.aspx

Helping Hand welcomes the Royal Commission. This is an opportunity for all of the stakeholders in this sector to demonstrate how we can do better and be better. We also see this as an opportunity to highlight the value of our work and our workforce and the respect that should be afforded to our nation’s elders.

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Latest Update About the Commission

The Commission will continue to move around the country and will hold hearings in all capital cities and some regional centres until December. The next two Royal Commission sessions are in Western Australia: 17–19 June in Broome, and 24-28 June in Perth. The focus for these hearings will be indigenous care, person-centred care and delivery of aged care in remote locations.

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Find out more via the Royal Commission website at agedcare.royalcommission.gov.au



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