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Community System FAQs

Helping Hand has made a commitment to implement a new software system to support our community care operations. This system will be referred to as the ‘Community System’. The Community System will improve processes for staff and clients in areas including reporting, rostering and timekeeping. An important change is the opportunity for all frontline staff to use a mobile app and/or tablet. This page will be regularly updated over the coming months as the project progresses. If you have any questions about the project, please contact Hayley Scott in the Information Systems team. A few questions that staff are asking are:

How long will the Hotline continue?

Calls to the Hotline have reduced, which is a positive sign that staff are becoming confident in using the app. If you need support with the app, or with any part of the new Community System, please call the Hotline on 08 8366 5488. Country callers can ask for a call-back. The Hotline will remain open until calls to the Hotline stop and then staff will be asked to direct any support calls to Helpdesk.

Is there a mechanism to consider changes to the system and to review business processes?

A sub-committee will be formed to assess business process enhancements. The sub-committee will consist of Key Users, management and Business Systems staff. Any suggestions of changes should be communicated to Key Users or managers. A new feature – Service Desk plus – is currently being designed. Service Desk plus can be used to record system issues that need to be addressed by Business Systems (however the expectation is that they will be reviewed by Key Users in the first instance).

How do I request operational reports?

You can request operational reports via your manager who will review the request and submit the request to Business Systems. Please note, there are lots of out-of-the-box reports and exports (standard reports accessible in the system) already available. You are encouraged to investigate these in the first instance.

How can I provide feedback?

A Post Implementation Review is now being conducted. Any feedback that staff have regarding the system or the project is welcome. Questions for consideration are:

  • what went well
  • what didn’t go so well
  • what lessons have we learnt for future implementation and change in Community Operations and Helping Hand more broadly
  • what benefits, both tangible and intangible, has the new system and business processes brought to the organisation.

To send your answers, and any suggestions for continuous improvement of the system, please contact Hayley Scott

Reminder checklist for field staff

  • Remember to start and complete each visit at the time and place each visit starts and stops. The app records the time and location you complete these activities.
  • If your completed visit is “Verified”, not “Completed” on the app, this means it as completed with no further intervention required before it is ready to go to Payroll.
  • You do not have to use the map functionality in the app for it to trigger a calculation of your mileage between clients. It will do this automatically. Mileage between clients is calculated using the best route from Google maps.
  • The questions at the end of each visit are designed to enhance our service to clients. If you select Yes a message will be sent to a Service Planner or Case Coordinator to follow up with the client.
  • Some valuable feedback on how we can improve the app has been received from field workers. We will investigate these suggestions and work to continuously improving the app over time. Your feedback is welcome.
  • Thank you for your enthusiasm and up take of the new app. It has been a successful implementation with over 300 field workers now using the app regularly. This will mean we can spend more time providing a high level of service to our staff and clients. One of our next initiatives will be looking at how we can use the app to further increase the safety of staff working alone.

Start and Finish reminder

Press Start at the beginning of each visit and Complete at the end of each visit. If you forget or are unable to confirm a visit please contact the office to advise them. Once a visit has been completed it will show as Verified. This means it has been sent through to Payroll.

What if I notice something unusual on the app?

Missing visits or extra visits – please call the office and ask to speak to someone in Rostering.
Changes to the visits on your app; for example you started the visit early, finished later, the visit was not verified when you completed it, or the mileage showing is different to Google maps best route – please call the office and ask to speak with a Timekeeper.

How is mileage calculated?

Mileage is automatically calculated between your visits. Calculation is based on the best route via Google Maps. If for any reason your trip is longer than the best route (road works, unavoidable detour, etc), record your mileage and contact the office to advise them. When you Complete a visit the entry CLTKMS is for mileage you have done while with the Client-in-visit mileage. Top-up Mileage is for Country staff only. The mileage you have been paid will be recorded on your payslip.

Do I still need to use the Communication Book?

Yes. The Communication Book still needs to be completed as previously as this is the communication with the client and their family. The app does not replace this.

Availability of the app

On Sunday 28 January the app on your phone will be switched over from the training environment to the live environment.  You will be sent an SMS when this happens.

Hotline for help

If you have any issues using the app on your phone and would like assistance, please call the Community System Hotline 08 8366 5488. The Hotline is now staffed from 7:00am – 8:00pm seven days a week and will remain in operation for several months after we go-live. Country staff can request an immediate call-back (to reduce your phone costs).

Schedule in the first fortnight

You will receive a paper schedule for the first fortnight the new system will be in action. This is for comparison against the visits on your app.  If there is a difference you cannot explain between the visits on the app and what you see on the paper schedule please call the switchboard on 1300 444 663.

Timesheets in the first fortnight

In the first fortnight, all staff must keep a paper timesheet as well as confirming visits on your app. The paper timesheet will provide a cross reference for you and for our Payroll staff if required.  While you are not required to bring this timesheet into the office in order to be paid, this remains a sensitive document and we ask you to bring it back to the office at the next staff meeting so it can be securely destroyed.

What if my pay is incorrect in the first fortnight?

If your pay is incorrect Payroll is able to make a correction and make an adhoc payment within one day. We will be conducting several checks to ensure you are paid correctly.  If you believe your pay is incorrect please contact Toni Balfour, Karen White or Sandra Ison in Metro or Merridee Roeters, Jenny Davidson or Rebecca Scheubeck in Country.

When and where will training be delivered?

Country Training

Staff will choose their preferred session and will attend one session

Location and DateSession Time
Port Pirie
Monday 8 January 201810:00am to 1:00pm or 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Tuesday 9 January 20189:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Port Lincoln
Wednesday 10 January 201810:00am to 1:00pm or 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Thursday 11 January 20189:00am to 12:00pm
Tuesday 16 January 201810:00am to 1:00pm or 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Wednesday 17 January 20189:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Thursday 18 January 201810:00am to 1:00pm or 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday 19 January 20189:00am to 12:00pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Metro Training

Training will be held at either Salisbury South, Parafield Gardens or North Adelaide. Your Support Manager will contact you to discuss your preference.

DateSession Time
Weekdays Mon 8 Jan to Thurs 28 Jan 20185:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturdays 13 & 20 January 201810:00am to 1:00pm or 1:00pm to 4:00pm

On the app - what is the 'ribbon'?

When you open the app, there will be toolbars that are sometimes visible at the top of the screen and sometimes visible at the bottom of the screen. These are called ‘ribbons’ and they contain icons you can click on to navigate through the app. Below is an image which explains some of the icons you will see in the ribbon.

community system app ribbon

Who are the Key Users and what do they do?

Country Key Users are Merridee Roeters (lead), Chenoa Okkes and Rebecca Scheubeck.

Metro Key Users are Teagan Gale (lead), Dot Cale, Thien Le, Kerrie Verbinyecz, Denise Cornelius and Angela Fletcher.

Key Users understand the Community System and are proficient in the use of the system. Their role as a Key User includes:

  1. To be the main support for staff on the floor in the use of Community Systems
  2. To train new staff in the use of Community Systems
  3. To support new staff until attendance at scheduled training
  4. To ensure that new staff members have Community Systems settings that are appropriate for their role.

What does the app look like, and what are some of its key features?

community system app1

community system app2

When will the new Community System start?

The Community System project team has decided to introduce the new Community System in the new year, with the ‘go-live’ date set for 29 January 2018. Staff have listened very closely to concerns raised about implementing the new system before Christmas which is a busy month for everyone. The additional time will be used for an improved training program and further testing to ensure the system is as close to perfect as possible from day one.

I already have a new phone plan in place that costs me more. Will you pay me the new smartphone allowance from now or from the new go-live date?

Helping Hand will pay the Smartphone Allowance of $7 per fortnight from 6 November 2017. Combined with the existing phone allowance provided in the Residential and Home Care Enterprise Agreement, eligible staff will receive more than $14 per fortnight to compensate the cost of having a typical phone plan. If you have questions about the allowance, speak to your Service Delivery Support Manager (or Site Admin Team) in the first instance, or contact Payroll on 8366 5444.

What are some of the benefits staff have identified during the testing stages?

Staff have identified the following benefits of the new Community System:

  • Time saving, reduced paperwork, reduced errors, no manual timesheets, saving trees and less driving
  • Up to date client information, visits won’t drop off, and workers will have access to Care Plans
  • Live changes to rosters, and broadcast rosters means staff can get more shifts and pick up more relief work
  • The ability to track staff phones while working will offer increased safety for you as a lone worker out in the community

What if my pay is incorrect in the first fortnight after the new Community System is introduced?

If your pay is incorrect in the first fortnight when the new system is introduced, our Payroll team is able to make a correction and make an adhoc payment within one day. If your pay is incorrect, Metro staff will be asked to speak to Toni Balfour, Karen White or Sandra Ison and Country staff will be asked to speak to Merridee Roeters, Jenny Davidson and Rebecca Scheubeck. You will be asked to provide details of your start, break and finish times in relation to where the correction needs to be made. In the first fortnight, as we are all adapting to the new Community System, we will ask all staff to complete a paper timesheet as well as use the new app. This will provide a cross reference for you and for our Payroll staff if required.

I am concerned about the automated messages on the Salisbury South phone system and feel like I won’t have time to wait to speak to someone if I am with a client and need to make a call. Is there anything we can do about it?

Yes. To speed up calls we will take the message about call recording off until further notice. We hope that this will increase access to the office based team during the implementation of the new system.

What training will be provided?

Staff in Country and Metro sites will be trained throughout January 2018. You will be allocated to training sessions by a Support Manager and will receive a text or phone call with the date, time and location. If you are not able to make the training session allocated to you, you will be asked to contact the office as soon as possible to reschedule. Our Key Users in Country and Metro locations have already started testing the Community System App on phones and tablets. The Key Users will be available to provide support to staff who have questions about the app in the lead up to and after the ‘go-live’ date. The Information Systems Helpdesk will also be ready to answer any calls on 08 8366 5499.

What do I need to do if there is no phone coverage at my client’s location?

The app attempts to do a refresh and send updates back to the office every 15 minutes. If you have phone coverage before you start work in the day and where you finish the day all the information you entered into the app will be sent back to the office. While you are out of phone range, the mobile phone app will continue to tell you about your visits and record information, but cannot receive or send updated information until you are back in range. That means the office will not know where you are and what you’ve done until you’re back in range.

What happens if my phone battery dies or I forget my phone?

Employees providing home care services are required to have an operational phone during working hours. We recommend that you keep a phone charging cable in your vehicle to keep the battery topped up. We realise there will be times when phones are left at home or misplaced. If you are at work without your phone, you will need to contact the office staff and advise them. Keep a paper record of your visit start and end times and send these to the office at the end of the day. In the Procura system, timesheets are validated the next day and you will need to send the office a paper timesheet each day that you do not have your phone.

Will the app use up all my mobile data?

No. It is estimated that if the app is open for 8 hours a day, 22 days a month it will use 0.5 GB of data and the cost would be approximately 5 cents per hour. The graph below shows how the usage compares to other services you might access on your phone.

mobile data usage

How much room will the app take on my phone?

100MB (0.1GB) of internal storage

Can you track me via the app?

Yes, while the app is running. However, if the app is logged out or shut down (which is recommended out of hours), tracking does not happen. Some of the reasons for this feature include: that we can promptly assist if a client contacts us to check if a carer is running late or is on the way, or has forgotten a visit. We can also automate timesheet management.


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