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Golden Grove progress report

The Helping Hand corner is abuzz with activity as the delivery of a new care home passes the six month milestone since construction started.

In an exciting development for a greenfield site which has laid dormant for more than 25 years, the three storey building will become home to 110 residents and provide more than 130 ongoing caring, health, administration and management roles.

With more than 800 people working on the development, to date:

  • Approximately 900m³ of concrete has been placed on site
  • Approximately 15,000 person-hours worked on site
  • 40 x precast panels erected, and
  • Approximately 40,000 tonnes of dirt have been moved on site (excavated, re-laid or removed from site).

Helping Hand’s ninth care home, Helping Hand Golden Grove will open in early 2019.

The high level of inquiry for opportunities to work, live and volunteer there demonstrate unprecedented interest.

Future residents and volunteers are invited to call Helping Hand on 1300 653 600 to register their contact details and job-seekers are encouraged to visit our Careers page towards the end of this year when positions will be advertised.

Golden Grove construction site


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