Care at Home – Testimonial

Arthur, Helping Hand Men’s Group



Arthur, a member of the Helping Hand Men’s Group for the last four years, joined after he lost his wife of 43 years. As a veteran Arthur suffered from post war stress and found the loss of his wife as a life altering moment for him.

“Joining the group has helped me relax and changed my life. It’s like going on a holiday for most of us here,” he said.

“If we didn’t have this we would be sitting in a chair just wasting away. When I first came here I was feeling pretty down. I was missing my wife and had too much time on my hands, but in 6 months time I feel like you can’t stop me,” Arthur said.

Helping Hand, in conjunction with the XMRC (ex-military rehabilitation centre) operates a Men’s Group at the Edinburgh base every Tuesday.

The program offers activities for older men who may be facing issues associated with significant change in their lifestyles, including ageing, health, retirement, isolation, disability or separation.