Retirement Living – Testimonial



After the death of his beloved wife Mary three and a half years ago Brian’s life made a marked change. The small things in life Mary took care of were now chores he struggled with.

“My life changed dramatically. I had never cooked a main meal as my wife cooked all the meals,” says Brian.

While his daughter assisted him with meal preparation for the first couple of years he also found he had to pay someone privately to do his ironing as well.

Brian then made the decision to move in to an independent unit in Belalie Crescent in Jamestown. This was the perfect solution, it allowed him to continue living with independence, while relieving him of some of the day to day burdens of maintaining a house and garden.

“I was fortunate enough to access cooking through Helping Hand as well. What a difference this made,” says Brian. “Not only relieving family of some responsibility but gave me the opportunity to participate in this activity and enjoy the staff members company at the same time.”

Once a fortnight a carer also comes in to Brian’s home and helps with the cleaning and ironing.

He believes: “Without these additional services I would find it extremely difficult to remain in an independent unit.”

Brian is very appreciative of what Helping Hand staff do for him.

“The girls are always willing to help me and have that friendly smile and approach.”