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All Are Welcome

You are welcome to join our community

The Helping Hand community is privileged to be made up of a blend of people from different cultures, religions, identities, backgrounds and beliefs. Our staff, volunteers, residents and clients all form part of our unique community. We welcome and celebrate all people, and Helping Hand delivers personalised and professional services to meet the needs of older people in South Australia. We provide guidance to our workforce to support diversity and inclusion through The Helping Hand Way and our specific projects in the areas and communities of LGBTI, Culture and Forgotten Australians.



Diverse Needs Groups

Helping Hand recognises the critical importance of understanding that every person’s life journey is unique and will impact on their needs and expectations as they age. A group known as Care Leavers has been identified as having many challenges as they face the possibility of aged care. The largest category of Care Leavers, some 500,000 nationally, have become known as Forgotten Australians. Helping Hand understands the need for all individuals to be heard, to feel safe and to be cared for. This is especially important for those whose life experiences have caused harm. We are committed to offering care based on choice, transparency and understanding – read our position statement about Forgotten Australians, Real Care the Second Time Around, to find out more.


LGBTI Inclusivity

Helping Hand celebrates and embraces the diversity of people who use our services and are in our workforce. This includes diversity in terms of sexuality, gender identity and sex characteristics. We stand alongside the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex (LGBTI) communities as allies in changing community attitudes and practices. Helping Hand recognises the need for all individuals to feel welcome and included, and to build on our existing commitment to non-discriminatory, respectful behaviour and practices documented in our policies and code of conduct. Read our position statement about LGBTI communities, Everyone is Welcome and Included, to find out more.


Cultural Diversity

Helping Hand recognises that aged care services must be culturally appropriate and sensitive if we are to properly meet the needs of all Australians. People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds may have needs that require specific consideration so they can have culturally appropriate aged care. While they share with other Australians the range of needs that occur when they age, they may also have other life experiences which impact on their experience of ageing. We will continually strive to meet the needs of all Australians, and we will develop planned, flexible and culturally sensitive approaches that respond to the individual as part of the cultural community of their choice. Read our position statement on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity to find out more.