Ageism Awareness Day 2022 – Helping Hand

Ageism Awareness Day 2022

Friday 7 October 2022 is Ageism Awareness Day – time to shift attitudes towards older age and older people and end ageism.

Ageism is a highly accepted form of prejudice in Australia and alarmingly on a global scale 1 in 2 people are ageist. That’s half of the world’s population that hold negative attitudes about ageing and older people. Australia leads the world in learning how to end ageism, but we still have a long road ahead in changing social attitudes. We need to work together to combat ageism in Australia.

Ageism is associated with increased social isolation and loneliness, greater financial insecurity, decreased quality of life and even premature death. On Ageism Awareness Day, journalist and ABC Chair Ita Buttrose raised awareness about the issue, which she says is a deeply serious problem. You can listen to her interview by clicking here.

To learn more about ageism and what you can do to combat it, visit EveryAGE Counts. And follow this link to find some practical tips from EveryAGE Counts to help you respond when you encounter ageism.

Ageism Awareness Day

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