Ben – Helping Hand


Ben is a part of our Payroll Team as a Payroll Administrator. He has been with Helping Hand for almost 10 years. He started off as casual after high school, helping out with various tasks within Human Resources and has been in a permanent role with the Payroll Team for eight years.

Ben, Payroll Officer

When asked ‘Why do you like working in aged care?’ Ben said, ‘It kind of just happened. I appreciate what we do for people day to day and I appreciate the times that I get to go out into the community and our care homes and see how happy our clients are and what the people on the front line do for them.’

The favourite part of Ben’s job is the people that he interacts with and the variety within the role: ‘I thought that payroll was a transactional position doing the same thing week in and out, but there is a surprising amount of variety and no week is the same.’

Ben is passionate about what he does for a living: ‘I believe that I am making a difference to clients lives but also in payroll making a difference to employees lives. It is people’s livelihoods that we are in charge of fortnight to fortnight.’

Another passion of Ben’s is sports – in his spare time he likes to watch any form of professional sport, but the English Premier League (soccer or football out of Australia) is his favourite to watch: ‘I will get up at 3am to watch a game before I come to work.’ When he is not watching sport, he likes to get out and drive to see local places: ‘I will go out with my girlfriend, put the dog in the car and go somewhere, like Tanunda for a Coffee.’

Ben likes working for Helping Hand because it has a positive culture, and it makes it easy for him to come to work everyday with positivity floating around.

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