Bob – Helping Hand


Meet Bob, he lives at Carinya, our residential care home in Clare.

Bob has been married for 59 years, has four children and eight grandchildren.

He grew up in Tarlee and Gawler, where he raised sheep as well as wheat and barley crops. After selling his farm he worked as a handy man for 10 years.

Bob is very skilled at making things from scratch and taught himself everything he knows. He has restored three vehicles, made many tools and larger items for his farm vehicles: ‘On the farm I used to make a lot of tools – we couldn’t afford new, so I would look at what I wanted, and I would make it’.

‘When the kids were growing up, they had plastic toys that weren’t very good, so I used to make them quality farm toys. I used items from around the home and the rest I made myself from pieces of metal, with no plan at all’.

You can see Bob holding one of his amazing toys in the photo.

Bob from Carinya in Clare

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