COVID-19 vaccination program is underway – Helping Hand

COVID-19 vaccination program

The nationwide program of a COVID-19 vaccination is now underway and will be rolled out in phases across South Australia to ensure priority groups can access the vaccine.

As we embark on this important logistical exercise, Helping Hand has processes in place to ensure that information will be shared with clients, families, stakeholders and staff in a timely and accurate manner.

While it is not mandatory to be vaccinated, Helping Hand’s position is that we strongly encourage everyone who is receiving Helping Hand services to be vaccinated. This includes our clients in residential care, our clients receiving home care services and our clients living in Helping Hand retirement villages and properties.

Helping Hand strongly encourages all staff and volunteers to receive the COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes available. This position is supported by health experts, and State and Federal Health Departments.

Vaccination is an effective tool in preventing transmission of vaccine preventable diseases, and we acknowledge the important role this plays in protecting the wider community.

Helping Hand attends weekly briefings with SA Health to ensure we keep up to date with information about the COVID-19 vaccination program in South Australia. Our priority is to keep the people in our care, and the people delivering Helping Hand services, COVID-19 safe.

Wanting more information?
Visit the Australian Government – Department of Health COVID 19 Vaccines web page for information about the vaccines, how they are tested and approved in Australia, and their safety. Always ensure you are accessing information from a trusted source specific to the Australian vaccination program.

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