Forgotten Australians project receives funding boost

The Federal Government has announced today $500,000 to fund the development of Helping Hand’s Forgotten Australians, Real Care the Second Time Around project.

Forgotten Australians are people who, as children in the period until 1989, were harmed in state and institutional care. This includes former wards of the state placed in children’s homes, foster homes and orphanages across Australia. Many have been left traumatised and are suffering life-long consequences from abuse and neglect by the “care” they received in their youth. As they age, many people who identify as Forgotten Australians are struggling to face the possibility of a second time around in institutional care, feeling at risk of re-traumatisation.

Helping Hand are thrilled to receive funding which will help improve the support available for Australians who have experienced trauma as children in state and institutional care and will soon enter aged care. The funding will also enable better communication and understanding between aged care providers and Forgotten Australians, and assist providers to respond well to the aged care needs of Forgotten Australians.

In February we launched our guide, aimed at helping aged care providers to respond to and support the needs of those who have experienced trauma as children in state and institutional care. The guide outlines the organisation’s commitment to Forgotten Australians, including helping staff better assist Forgotten Australians. The guide also recognises that exercising choice and control can be a challenge for those not accustomed to such opportunities.

Click here to download a copy of the guide, Forgotten Australians, Real Care the Second Time Around.

For more information about the project, or for more information about accessing services, please call us on 1300 653 600.

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