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Cultivating happiness at Parafield Gardens

For the last two years, the Consumer Engagement team has been embedding Turn Up Your Voice (TUYV) at Parafield Gardens where they have been listening, engaging and connecting with residents, families, volunteers and staff.

Through TUYV we listened to 48 residents, 9 family members, 8 staff and 9 volunteers. We heard many stories and connected many dots to find out what matters most to residents:

  • freedom of choice around meals
  • rooms that overlook trees and where they can see birds
  • catching up with people
  • playing games
  • staff and residents getting to know each other
  • being included in day-to-day activities that give a purpose and make a contribution, like cooking a BBQ or meal preparation.

Together, we have explored some inspiring projects that celebrated simple everyday pleasures and pastimes. We learned that some residents wanted to be included in day-to-day activities, so we set up stations in the dining rooms, so they could help with setting tables, meal preparation and cleaning up.

One of our residents was a keen baker who often entered competitions. Now she can bake pies and cakes and loves sharing them with residents and staff. The result is a happier outlook on life “It keeps me occupied, keeps me busy and allows me to give back to others.”

We developed projects and activities designed for our male residents with a goal of bringing back a Men’s Shed to Parafield Gardens.

Bringing TUVY to Parafield Gardens is just the start of what we hope will be an enriching journey, where seeds are planted and joy and happiness is cultivated.

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