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People of Helping Hand: Heather and Tiffany

Heather and her granddaughter Tiffany are Lightsview’s ‘dynamic duo’ of volunteering. Not only do they volunteer together, they live together as well.

Heather and Tiffany, volunteers at Lightsview, smile at the camera

Spend time with them and the rapport between them is obvious. They’ll often finish each other’s sentences, encourage each other and always laugh together.

Heather’s decision to become a volunteer came from a time of sadness and it’s something she still finds difficult to talk about. ‘My husband Doug was unwell and received so much support from Helping Hand with Respite and Social Groups. Helping Hand gave so much to Doug, that I wanted to give something back. In December 2022, it will be three years since I started at Lightsview.’

Once Heather got the volunteering bug, she was determined to bring her granddaughter along. ‘When my grandmother started volunteering, she told me that if she could get out and do it, then I could do it. She got the forms and set everything up’, says Tiffany.

Heather has watched her granddaughter blossom in the role. ‘She was so shy at first, but by day three, she started coming out of her shell. I’m so proud of what she has done. She has come a long way’, says her proud grandmother.

Tiffany, who is in her twenties and one of the youngest volunteers at Lightsview, says she has gained so much more confidence since becoming a volunteer.

Both agree they get attached to the residents and form close friendships. ‘There are some very special people living here, that touch your heart’, says Tiffany. Earlier this year, when Heather was sick at home, she missed her Lightsview family so much that she couldn’t wait to get back.

So how to they get along as housemates? ‘We rub along together quite nicely’ says Heather before Tiffany pipes up ‘We have our moments!’

Ask them who is the messy roommate and who is the neat one, they both burst out laughing and reply together ‘We’re BOTH the messy one!’


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