Helping Hand achievement award finalilsts – Helping Hand

Helping Hand award finalists

Helping Hand is a finalist in two achievement awards.

Our Forgotten Australians project is a finalist in the Increasing Access to Care and Services category of the InnovAGEING awards. This award recognises an organisation that enables older Australians to easily access care and services across the organisation and age services ecosystem when needed/wanted.

Priscilla Taylor, a member of our Forgotten Australians project, is a finalist in the Carer Achievement category of the SA Community Achievement Awards. This award recognises a South Australian family carer who has not only provided substantial long term care but who has also worked to improve the recognition, services and supports for other carers. Carers SA presents this award to celebrate this individual achievement in championing the carer cause to improve the lives of family carers in South Australia.

The InnovAGEING award winners will be announced on 26 November 2020, and the SA Community Achievement Awards will be announced on 11 December 2020. Congratulations to all finalists and good luck!

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