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People of Helping Hand: June

June is a resident at our home in Parafield Gardens. June’s face lights up as she describes how much joy and pleasure music brings to her life.

June resident at Parafield Gardens

‘Even as a little girl, I loved singing and listening to music. We had a teacher who would play records for the class. He loved classical music and I came to love it as well. Growing up, I started listening to all sorts of music. Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, ABBA. Everything. And I loved going to concerts’, says June.

June’s CD player has pride of place in her room along with her prized collection of CDs. ‘I was so happy when CDs first came out, because the sound is so clear and crisp.’ Classical music is very close to her heart. ‘There’s just something about classical music. I get so involved listening to it and it can make me feel very emotional. When I was growing up, my love for classical music was my secret – it was like my secret world.’

June laughs easily, and often, and is a much loved resident at Parafield Gardens. Like many, her life has been a symphony of high notes and low notes. ‘My family couldn’t afford music lessons and I started working at 15 and had a lot of responsibility at home, looking after my siblings. Music was always there for me. I was always singing and even performed at a Mothers’ Association Club back in the day. When I had my stroke a few years ago, I lost my ‘singing’ voice, which was so strange.’

Thankfully, for this very special lady, listening to music remains a very important part of her daily life. ‘Music sets me free. It’s a gift and I am very lucky to have it. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had music in my life.’

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