Kaye – Helping Hand


Kaye has been volunteering at our Parafield Gardens Residential Care Home for 14 years. Kaye volunteers every Monday, Wednesday, and afternoons on Fridays. She helps out with activities and whatever is needed. Kaye’s favourite activity is scrabble: ‘the residents beat me almost every time’.

Kaye, volunteer

We asked Kaye why she volunteers: ‘Because I love it, I love to be part of this family and the residents have so much to talk about. It is like a big family here; I have even had families of residents tell me I am like family. I just love making someone else’s life better’.

Kaye’s favourite part of volunteering is the residents, she also loves the whole team at Parafield Gardens and loves that they all get involved when there are events or activities on.

Kaye’s advice for someone that is thinking about volunteering is: ‘Just be yourself, be friendly and listen. They have so much to say. You will find that it is so rewarding’.

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