People of Helping Hand: Kerry – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Kerry

Kerry has been part of the Home Care team for seven and a half years. She began her career with Helping Hand as a Care Worker and for the last 18 months or so, has been a Client Support Officer.


Making the move from delivering services to coordinating them has opened up a whole new world for Kerry and is a great example of Helping Hand as a ‘learning organisation.’

‘I hadn’t worked in an office environment before and didn’t have the administrative skills, but I was given a lot of training and support and found that I really enjoyed that side of things. Being new to the role, meant I was looking at things with a fresh perspective, asking lots of questions and learning new things all the time. Now I’m the person that other people come to when they need information and that is so satisfying.’

Kerry’s experience as a Care Worker has given her a unique insight into her role as a support officer. ‘When you go into someone’s home to deliver services, you’re also learning how to communicate and connect with people. Having that hands-on experience with clients has made a real difference to how I do my job.’

Interesting fact: Six months ago, Kerry’s sister Sammy joined the team as a Client Support Officer. ‘I really encouraged her to apply for it. I knew she was looking for something more fulfilling and that this would be perfect. And she absolutely loves it!

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