Latest COVID-19 Update 17 November 2020 – Helping Hand

Latest COVID-19 Update 17 November 2020

Information current at 17 November 2020.

Dear family and friends,

We are presented with new challenges as we carefully monitor the community outbreaks of Covid-19 across the northern suburbs and consider the advice and Directions from SA Health.

Helping Hand immediately took a number of proactive steps and we will continue to do this to ensure the safety of our residents and staff remains the highest priority.

As we have a high concentration of care homes and staff in the affected areas, we will be further restricting visitors to all of our care home from 12 noon on Tuesday 17th November. This means that visits will be restricted to exceptional circumstances only, which you can discuss with the Site Manager.

Please be assured that we will continue to facilitate compassionate visits. We will be reviewing this arrangement on a daily basis and looking to relax the restrictions as soon as possible. I understand that this may cause concern and inconvenience however we would rather be cautious at this time, for the health and welfare of everyone across our broad community.

We have been advised that Covid-19 testers from the Department of Health will be on site at the Mawson Lakes and Parafield Gardens care homes on 17 November do large scale testing of staff and residents. Please note that this is a precaution only and that Helping Hand has no positive Covid cases at any of our sites and services.

Service and Visitor Restrictions

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak in South Australia, we are introducing some temporary precautions in our homes to minimise the risk of infection. This is reviewed daily and is subject to change, so please speak with a staff member if you have any questions or feedback.  Our intent is to keep everyone in our community safe and reduce the risk of the virus entering our care home during this critical time.

If you are concerned that the restrictions will impact the wellbeing of a resident, either physical or mental, please contact our care home management to discuss options available. Where possible we will try to accommodate essential visits and at all times visits for compassionate purposes will be supported.

Adjustments to services are as follows:

  • Church services have been suspended and face to face chaplain visits restricted to essential only. We can assist with a video or phone appointment if you would like
  • Residents can leave the site for medical appointments. We will undertake screening questions, temperature testing and hygiene requirements when you return. Following a longer absence, such as a hospital stay, extra precautions may be introduced in consultation with the resident
  • We encourage postponing any non-essential outings in the community for now, however if you need to leave the home please stay within 500 metres and avoid populated places like cafes, supermarkets etc.
  • Lifestyle activities will continue in small groups throughout the home
  • Allied Health services will continue in our residential homes
  • Cafés in our homes will have socially distanced seating for dining in, and will be open for takeaway
  • Hairdressing services will continue with the use of masks and health screening
  • Volunteers and student programs will be paused at this time
  • Where social distancing is not possible, our staff will wear masks.

I thank you for your patience.
Chris Stewart

Information current at 17 November 2020.

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