Latest COVID-19 Update 25 November 2020 – Helping Hand

Latest COVID-19 Update 25 November 2020

Information current at 25 November 2020.

Dear family and friends,

Thank you very much for your continued understanding as we navigate our way through a challenging few weeks in South Australia.

Currently our residential homes have arrangements in place that allow for essential care and support visits to residents for compassionate reasons. If you are concerned about the mental or physical health of your loved one living with us, please speak with us so we can accommodate a visit.

As we have homes in the current COVID-19 hot spot areas, we are keeping this arrangement in place until the end of this week (Sunday 29 November). From Monday 30 November, we will be able to accommodate increased visitation at our homes; and we will begin to restart some services that we paused, including hairdressing, church services and all allied health services. Masks will continue to be worn to protect the health of our residents. All families and residents will be sent a letter with more details later today.

Our home care services have continued to be delivered in clients homes.

Thanks again for your empathy during this time, it has helped us travel through these difficult days knowing that we have the support of our community.

Information current at 25 November 2020.

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