People of Helping Hand: Linda – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Linda

August 2022 will mark three years since Linda joined the Home Care team as a Home Support Worker.


Following a varied career, this busy ‘soccer mum’ has found her niche and it all started on the recommendation of a friend. ‘I discovered Helping Hand through a friend and thought the work sounded interesting and the hours would fit in with my family commitments.’

Ask her what she loves the most and the answer is immediate. ‘It’s the people. I love my clients and I always look forward to seeing them. How many people can say they are doing what they really love?’ she says.

The most important quality Linda brings to her work is respect. ‘As a child I was taught to respect my elders and that has always stayed with me. I am walking into someone’s home and being respectful matters. And of course, there is so much to learn when you spend time with an older person. Recently, one of my clients showed me their coin collection and told me that when Prince Charles becomes King, his profile will have to face the opposite way to the Queen’s on all the new coins and bank notes. Another example is that I’ve always loved doing jigsaw puzzles and one of my clients has put me on to a website where I can do them online instead! It’s great.

You’d be amazed how many times I go home and tell my family ‘Guess what I learned at work today!

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