People of Helping Hand: Nic – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Nic

Since joining Helping Hand in 2011, Nic, our Property Services Manager, has been involved in some memorable and rewarding projects.

Nic Larby, Property Services Manager

‘A highlight was the development of Golden Grove Residential Care Home’, says Nic. ‘I can still remember standing in the empty paddock where it going to be built. You don’t often get the chance to be involved in such a large-scale project that takes you from design phase through to completion.’

Even relatively smaller projects bring their own rewards.

‘We recently finished upgrading the carpark at Parafield Gardens Residential Care Home. ‘I’ve been amazed by how many people have told me what a difference it’s made to them. Installing the Tovertafels in residential care homes and knowing the joy they bring to people has also been special’, says Nic.

‘When it comes to my work, my motivation is what I like to call “the journey of the job” and being able to realise the vision of the project. One of the great things about Helping Hand is that you are supported in every way to deliver these projects to a high standard.’

Off duty, Nic says working in his immaculately manicured garden is his form of therapy and he is just as particular about keeping up the maintenance of his own home!

‘I’m feel very proud to work for Helping Hand. I feel I have two families. My family with my wife Megan and our kids – and my Helping Hand family.’

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