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People of Helping Hand: Gaynor

Gaynor is a Home Care client with Helping Hand.

After a couple of falls, she took up strength and balance classes. After all, she used to be a gymnast in her primary years, and she has no time for resting on the ground.

People of Helping Hand Gaynor

‘I have two sons, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, and I’m very busy myself. I’m also Treasurer of the Mawson Lakes Yacht Club. Getting myself strong has been so beneficial. Not only can I get up easier, but the added balance is stopping me from falling over in the first place.’

Gaynor’s convinced the extra balance has come from her favourite exercise class – Helping Hand’s Dance for Balance – which she does on Mondays in Parafield Gardens. ‘I won’t stop going to my strength classes, but I do find dance more exciting. I get completely lost in the moment and the hour goes way too soon. I love the style of the music. It’s like the Salsa, but more sensual.’

She’s now good friends with fellow dancers Judith and Rose. ‘The social experience and friendship are great. We even dance at Rose’s sometimes. We push aside the furniture and work with the space that we’ve got.’

Their instructor Thien is a big believer in the power of dance to improve memory and Gaynor can see why. She’s very happy to have things rattling around upstairs and says Thien is ‘very clever at adding one little bit to the routine at a time. I now find myself lying in bed thinking through the moves!’

Gaynor’s such a fan, she thinks everyone should try dance, even if that means wheelchair and all.

If you’re interested in joining our Dance for Balance class, give us a call on 1300 444 663.

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