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People of Helping Hand: Jenny

How handy is the person that can recommend the best things to watch on the box? Our Parafield Gardens residential care home may have their very own expert in resident Jenny Briggs.

People of Helping Hand Jenny

She hasn’t always been a TV tragic. Jenny grew up in Karoonda in the Mallee then spent time on the Yorke Peninsula before heading to Adelaide when she left school.

‘I worked for Myer in an office job but had to resign when I married and had children. I divorced when the children were still young and moved in with my parents. We all became very close. One of my daughters now lives in Townsville, one lives in Nairne and the other lives here in Adelaide.’

‘After the girls grew up, I started working for Smiths. I worked for them for over 20 years, making my way from packer to office worker. I saw them grow from making Crunchy Chips and Nobby’s Nuts to amalgamating with other snack foods in Regency.’ And yes, she did enjoy the bonus of free snack food that came with the role.

‘My first experience with Helping Hand was working as a volunteer. I found it very rewarding. I enjoyed helping others and meeting lots of people. I used to help cart people to the doctors and push people from place to place in their wheelchairs. Volunteering is a great option for work when your age makes it tricky to get a job.’ She agrees that to be a good volunteer, it’s crucial that you’re enthusiastic.

Now in a wheelchair herself, Jenny wishes she had movement in her legs back. A disease that she’s had since she was 58 has depleted her muscles. It doesn’t stop her getting out and about though. She loves watching the concerts staged at her home. And nothing stops her watching TV. Her daughter Denise says she could write a blog on all her TV viewing, it’s that extensive.

‘I’m currently loving watching Citadel, starring Richard Madden. I’m a big fan of Madden.’

And should the rumours that he’ll be the next James Bond come true, Jenny will be very happy indeed.

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