People of Helping Hand: Judith – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Judith

Judith, one of Helping Hand’s Home Care clients, is a regular attendee at the Dance for Balance classes offered by Helping Hand in Parafield Gardens. She was both spruiker and dancer at the concert we put on recently.

People of Helping Hand: Judith

‘I grew up in England. I was born in Yorkshire and our family belonged to the church where we were trained to talk across a variety of roles. I also lived in the Riverland for over 30 years where you had to make your own entertainment. I always loved to perform.’

‘I’m a dancer as well as a talker. I started dancing at a very young age as my brother was born with club feet and doctors recommended trying multiple styles of dance. We all danced together.’

‘I still love dancing. I really love the classes run by Thien for Helping Hand. I even like the warm-ups. Thien always calls out what’s going to happen so I’m never nervous about forgetting. I know that some people don’t join for that reason because they’re worried about forgetting. They don’t need to be and going slow is okay too.’

‘Everyone should join in – wheelchairs, walkers and all.’

When she’s not dancing, you’ll probably find Judith with her head in a book (she’s a prolific reader) or checking in on her six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

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