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People of Helping Hand: Judy

Judy is what you’d call a natural-born carer. Apparently, even at the ripe old age of 8, she’d rush to put pillows under the legs of a family friend who had contracted polio as a child.

People of Helping Hand Judy

Helping Hand is lucky to have had Judy on staff for 30 years. She recently received a certificate (and a surprise party) to celebrate her remarkable stint. Her main role has been as a Therapy Assistant.

‘What we do is more than a job,’ says Judy. ‘Clients need to be at the forefront of our minds. We need to think about the clients and always give them a voice. They are not just an old person. They’ve had a life. We need to listen to that and tap into that because they matter.’

No wonder people keep turning up to Judy’s Tai Chi classes at the Surrey Downs Community Hall.

Judy likes to cook for friends who have fallen on hard times. ‘I’m heavily involved with the church and I’m in a community choir with a different spread of people. I love getting out and singing to people. The only time I have been depressed was when I didn’t have music for a period after the church choir shut down. I’m sunk without a book too. I’m a BIG reader – as long as it’s not scary.’

‘I’ve been married to Ed for 47 years. He is extremely patient and encouraging. We have two daughters. One lives here and the other lives in Cairns with our granddaughter. Ed and I love to chat regularly on FaceTime with Gwennie and find out what she has been doing.’

Judy first worked in aged care as a volunteer. When it clicked that she could get paid for what she was doing she headed to TAFE. ‘Don’t give up on your dreams and hopes. I was 36 and married with children when I studied,’ says Judy.

Would you believe she still has her original Helping Hand badge from 30 years ago? If we can keep you with us for another 30 years, Judy, we will! Thanks for your ongoing service.

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