People of Helping Hand: Julie – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Julie

Julie is a Home Care Worker with Helping Hand in metro Adelaide, and is also a Dog Rescuer.

The adorable dog in this picture is four-month old Matilda, one of several dogs that Julie is currently looking after.

People of Helping Hand Julie and Matilda

Julie Taylor is what you call a natural born carer. When she’s not working for Helping Hand, she’s rescuing dogs, which means she’s busy just about 24/7.

When we first spoke to her for People of Helping Hand, Julie had 61 dogs under her care. Not all of them were living with her, of course, just a Staffy and a French Bulldog who she rescued. The rest were fostered across the State. And there are always more dogs in need of a loving home, coming her way.

Julie is originally from England where she was a post office counter clerk. She says she sort of fell into her role at Helping Hand and is thrilled that she did. ‘This job is a very good fit for me. As well as being a natural carer, I’m very much a people person’, says Julie.

So far, she’s clocked up more than 15 years working with Helping Hand and despite the hectic pace of life, she wouldn’t have it any other way. ‘I really love my work and I have some very lovely clients’, she says.

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