People of Helping Hand: Kay – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Kay

Kay is a volunteer, history buff and entertainer at Copperhouse Court and Yeltana care homes in Whyalla.

Spend some time with Kay and you get the impression that she is someone who gets things done with minimum of fuss and the natural flair of a born entertainer who loves to make people happy.

Kay was born in Maitland and dancing and music have been part of her life since childhood. She cheerfully admits that she absolutely hated piano practice when she was young. ‘If I gave up piano, I would have to give up my dancing, so I had to stick to music lessons until I was 15 years old’, says Kay.

In the 1960s, she and her husband moved to Whyalla. As well as being a busy mum of four, she ran a local dancing school that held regular concerts at Copperhouse Court.

When her son Robert (now the Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coordinator), began working at Copperhouse Court, Kay became a volunteer, playing the piano and doing singalongs. That was seventeen years ago and she has been bringing music and laughter to Copperhouse Court and Yeltana ever since.

‘I’ve got my repertoire of songs from the 1940s, 50s and 6Os. When I’m playing and see the smiles going and the feet start tapping, it’s an absolute joy’, says Kay.

Kay has captured the life and times of Copperhouse Court in a series of beautifully presented scrapbooks. These are a treasure trove of news clippings, historical records and photos – including photos of the many performances and concerts that Kay has been involved in. She and her son Robert, share a deep connection to the people of Copperhouse Court.

‘This is my home away from home and I love coming here. I’ve don’t have parents or aunties and uncles, or even older cousins, so the residents feel like family. Some of them have a laugh when they realise I am older than they are. I love being a volunteer and would like to see more young people volunteering here as well.’

Kay and Robert at Whyalla
Kay with her son Robert

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