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People of Helping Hand: Keith

Introducing Keith, who lives at Ingle Farm residential care home with his wife Nola.

People of Helping Hand Keith

Keith is one of those unique characters that people like to be around. There’s always a cheeky grin, a twinkle in the eye and friendly wave and greeting for everyone who walks by.

Life hasn’t always been easy, but it has certainly been filled with lots of different interests and experiences. As well as raising two children, Keith and his wife Nola, have lived life to fullest with laughter and a cheerful outlook to just get on with things and enjoy what life has to offer.

Ballroom dancing competitions, golf, horses and boating are just some the interests that have shaped their lives. When they first moved into their family home at Ingle Farm, it was still dirt roads and no footpaths. ‘It was hard life, but we enjoyed it and our kids had everything they could ask for’, says Keith.

While he might still “complain” about having to sell his horse to buy Nola an engagement ring, (‘I still don’t know who got the better deal!’), their banter and affection shows their strength as a couple. They even renewed their vows on their 50th wedding anniversary at a special ceremony at Ingle Farm.

When Nola first moved into Ingle Farm, Keith would be there every day from 8am, to spend time with her. ‘We’ve had our barneys and we have been through a lot, but we’ve stuck together.’ says Keith.

Following some health issues of his own, Keith recently moved into Ingle Farm as well. ‘We both still miss our family home, but it had to be done. The positive is that we are here together. We spend the day together and do all the activities, like bowls, bingo, trivia and gardening. The raised garden beds are fantastic.

Nola has told me that I am simply not allowed to go first. She won’t let me. When I say, “What about me?” she says that I’ll be all right and that find someone else! No way! No one can replace Nola …. though I do get on very well with the women here’, he says with that all too familiar cheeky grin!

Here’s to Keith and Nola, a wonderful couple still together and dancing to their own tune.

People of Helping Hand Keith and Nola
Keith and Nola in their early days

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