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People of Helping Hand: Kerrilee

Kerrilee (Kerri) has been part of the Parafield Gardens family for almost 14 years. This year, she joined the Lifestyles team, after working in the Memory Support Unit (MSU).

People of Helping Hand Kerrilee

‘When I was working in the MSU, I would come up with different activities. From there I was asked to temporarily step in as the Lifestyle Assistant – and here I am! I just love to see people happy and I’m quite happy to play the clown; I’ll do a silly dance, tell a joke’, says Kerri.

Kerri has a personal perspective on having a member of the family move into Parafield Gardens.

‘My Nan moved into in Jubilee House a few months before I started working here. We were always close, and I would visit her all the time.

‘So, when a job came up at Parafield Gardens, I quickly applied for it.

‘Nan was so excited when she found out I was working here! I loved being able to go into her room and say hello. Working here, meant we shared so much more time together. Nan often came home with me to spend time with my family as well.

‘It’s been nine years since she passed. At first, I found it difficult walking down the corridor where her room was and knowing she wasn’t there. After all, this was her home.

‘The memories are still in my heart and her spirit is still with me. She was so loved and it’s so touching when people who knew her, still bring her up in conversation and remember her very fondly.’

Nowadays, Kerri is a grandmother herself and that close grandmother/granddaughter bond continues into another generation. ‘I love being with her. She is three years old and just melts my heart’, says Kerri.

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