People of Helping Hand: Mary Anne – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Mary Anne

Mary Anne believes she has found the perfect balance of work, family and art. If she’d been left to her own devices, Mary Anne would have gone to art school when she graduated. Life, as they say, had other plans.

people of helping hand mary anne

Her family had a floristry business and her Mum needed help. She ended up working in the family business for 35 years, including a stint as owner.

By the time her first grandchild came along, she knew she wanted a change. She sold the business, got back into her art, made topiary trees and worked in retail for a year.

Mary Anne says she had a lightbulb moment and realised that what she really wanted to do with her life was work with older people.

She studied for her Certificate III and says that as soon as she started working for Helping Hand, she knew she could make a difference. The benefits have been mutual.

‘Working in Home Care brings me so much happiness and it is so rewarding. There are ups and downs, but mainly ups. I’ve sang with clients, danced with them, laughed so hard with them, cried with them, solved their problems, been their friend, and been given advice myself. I have learnt to be patient, more caring, to appreciate how lucky I am to be doing this and to do things “now” rather than later.’

We hear that some of her clients are lucky enough to be learning a thing or two about art techniques as well!

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