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People of Helping Hand: Nat

As a Lifestyle Coordinator, Nat is passionate about making our Lightsview residential care home a welcoming place to live, as well as an inclusive and inspiring place to work.

So, it’s somewhat ironic, that one of her previous jobs was being a tenancy officer.

‘Having to evict people from their home, was something I really didn’t like to do. It’s wonderful to have a job where you are contributing to the atmosphere of a home and creating experiences that are uplifting and inclusive’, says Nat.

‘The biggest life lesson I have learned working in aged care is patience and the importance of bringing joy into people’s lives. Seeing residents smile is the reason I get up every morning.’

After a busy day, Nat faces a one-hour commute from Lightsview to her home. This is her downtime; a chance to listen to music and unwind from the day. ‘The upside of the daily commute is that I love where I live. I’ve always loved the peace and quiet of country life’, says Nat.

As well as focusing on creating amazing lifestyle programs for residents, Nat is very invested in supporting her team and seeing them thrive. ‘I love encouraging my team to grow their careers. You spend so much time working together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. You really become a family.’

On the home front Nat has a busy social life and enjoys going to concerts and caravanning. With three sons, and three grandchildren under 5 years of age, there is so much to keep her smiling and on her toes.

People of Helping Hand Nat McCarthy

Photo detail: In September 2022, Nat shared the laughter and joy with a visit by two adorable mini-horses that even made the Channel 10 News!

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