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People of Helping Hand: Richa

Richa embodies all the best qualities of the nursing profession. She is empathetic, dedicated and motivated to provide care and comfort wherever she can.

As a Care Services Manager at our home in Lightsview, Richa oversees resident care plans and daily clinical activities at the home and is highly focused on supporting the team to provide quality care.

people of helping hand richa

‘My passion has always been to work with older people. Fourteen years ago, I moved to Adelaide from India. They don’t have residential care homes there and that can present a real challenge for families. When I did my first placement in a residential care home it was a revelation to me. Here, we can help older people, in their home; by supporting their independence and making their lives as comfortable as possible. That first placement was a real “spark point” for me and I knew that I had found a beautiful, rewarding career.’

From Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse, Richa was drawn to palliative and dementia care, and wound management in her training journey. ‘These were the areas that really called me. Wound management, for example, can involve so many different, and complex, clinical decisions. All the steps you take to treat a wound and then to see it heal, I find that so satisfying and motivating.’

‘My role at Lightsview gives me a real purpose and what I call “soul satisfaction”. When I get a smile from someone I’ve helped, it makes me feel so proud and happy that I can contribute.’

Luckily, Richa’s demanding role is helped along by her children who support her in every way. ‘There a many times when I have left for work while they are still asleep, only to come home and find notes they have left for me that say “You’re doing a great job. Go to work. Be a good nurse. We will be fine.” Or they will leave a sandwich or smoothie in the fridge for me.’

‘I don’t have an extended family here, so my kids, along with my friends, are my greatest support and they give me that work/life balance.’

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