People of Helping Hand: Rose – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Rose

Rose, one of Helping Hand’s Home Care clients, is a devoted attendee of the Dance for Balance classes held at the Parafield Gardens Rec Centre every Monday.

People of Helping Hand - Rose

No stranger to the dancing scene, Rose says she was dancing from the ‘time her feet hit the ground’ – in just about every style. “I was into ballroom dancing between the ages of 14 and 16 and trained for my gold medal (and got it) before marriage and children.’

‘I was married at 19 and went on to have four children with my first husband. One day I visited a clairvoyant who told me I would have five children and that one would be different. That prediction made sense when I divorced, then re-married and had one more child with my second husband!’

‘It took me a long time to revisit dancing after having children. I actually worked for Helping Hand as a carer in North Adelaide. Then I lived in Minlaton for a while before moving to Semaphore. And the thing that got me dancing again was a nasty cat bite. When the bite led to sepsis, I had issues walking and dancing formed part of my recovery.’

‘My recovery was so good that I now move my furniture out of the way so I can rehearse with my dance friends. I’m grateful that I kept some sparkly tops and dancing shoes as I still look and feel quite the part.’

‘My advice is: don’t hang up your dancing shoes. The benefits are too great!’

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