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People of Helping Hand: Thien

Thien is a physiotherapist with Helping Hand. ‘I have worked as a physiotherapist for nearly ten years. I had a stint working in back-to-work programs, but I really missed the clinical side of things. I love being with people and looking after them one-on-one, so I switched to residential aged care.’

People of Helping Hand Thien

Growing up, Thien competed in Mixed Martial Arts. ‘My instructor was a physio, and he could always fix us when we had problems. I found that very inspiring and always wanted to be a physio like him.’

With black belts in two forms of martial arts, it might surprise you to learn that Thien is also an accomplished dancer. ‘I discovered dance about five years ago. The weight shifts, movements, postures, and coordination of feet and hands are similar to martial arts. I entered competitions within the year and made it into the finals. Now I get to travel all over Australia to dance and teach. I will be heading to Europe this year for further training.’

Even Helping Hand gets to benefit from his talent. On top of running his private Latin dance school and working as a physio at our Parafield Gardens residential care home, Thien runs Dance for Balance classes on Mondays for home care clients, with modified dance moves for older people so they can get the benefits of being able to dance.

‘There is quite a lot of evidence that dancing helps to reduce the risk of dementia. Putting the pieces together helps with your memory. You also improve your muscle tone, balance, and your coordination. The social aspect is important too. By connecting with others, you can reduce stress and depression.’

Thien’s so dedicated to his dance classes that he puts videos up online so people can practice at home and catch up on things if they happen to miss a lesson. There are openings to join the class, if you’re interested, call us on 1300 444 663. If you head along, make sure you ask to see his costumes, including his shoes. They’re stunning!

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