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People of Helping Hand: Ursula and Horst

Ursula and Horst are living proof that a strong and unshakeable bond can overcome almost anything.

This is a couple who clearly adore each other and find joy in being together, sharing old memories and enjoying special new moments. (On Valentine’s Day, the Lifestyle team even arranged a special romantic lunch for them in a private dining room, complete with rose petals and Ursula’s favourite wine.)

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While life hasn’t always been a bed of roses, they have faced each challenge together.

They met when they were sixteen years old and just trying to survive the hardships of post-war Germany. ‘It was the hardest of times, but we experienced it together, and it welded us together,’ says Horst, clasping both hands to demonstrate his point. Ursula agrees. ‘Being together was the most important thing. Being together for the big things and for the little things. We had no money, nothing, but we were strong together. He is my strength.’

The couple had their first daughter and married in 1947. ‘Everything was a struggle. Finding a place to live, basic necessities. I knew we had to leave’, says Horst. ‘We applied to go to Canada or Australia – and Australia came up first’. They arrived in Adelaide in 1954 and still recall the challenges of those early years, trying to learn the language and feeling homesick. They didn’t give up, quickly found work and had a second daughter.

They lived in Adelaide for 36 years. ‘I used to read a lot about all the different parts of Australia. Actually, I really didn’t like the weather here, so we moved to Queensland’, says Horst. They loved their new life in Hervey Bay and were very happy there. Eventually, they returned to Adelaide to be closer to their daughters and their families.

Ursula, was the first to move into Lightsview and about a year later, Horst went in for two week’s respite. Their daughter Ines says the day her father moved in, Ursula started to get better. Eventually, Horst was also able to move in to permanently.

As the saying goes – ‘The couples that are “meant to be” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before.’

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to this loving and united couple, who were always “meant to be”.

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