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People of Helping Hand: Gloria and Annette

Annette and Gloria are Social Group buddies. Helping Hand’s Social Groups offer meaningful opportunities for friendships and laughter to flourish.

People of Helping Hand Gloria and Annette

Which is precisely the case for Annette and Gloria, who look forward to spending time together, enjoying the activities, as well as the lively and welcoming atmosphere of the Friday groups.

When Gloria says she has been involved with the social groups since 2015 and attends a few sessions a week; Annette pipes up ‘Gloria’s part of the furniture!’

By comparison, Annette describes herself as a ‘newbie’.

‘I was sitting at home 24/7’, say says. ‘I started going to the exercise groups and one of the coordinators suggested this group. They pick me up, we have a lovely lunch and I’m home by 4pm. I look forward to Fridays. I was quieter in the beginning, but Gloria has helped bring me out of my shell.’

Gloria agrees. ‘It’s better than sitting at home, doing nothing, which is so boring.’ Gloria prefers to keep busy and likes to be useful. She helps everyone to get settled into their various activities and sets the table for lunch. The staff really appreciate her efforts. As one of them says ‘Gloria is like a beautiful, grandfather clock in your home, something that you always treasure.’

Gloria and Annette love their diamond art projects and there is always time for a cuppa and some banter. The staff ensure that everyone enjoys activities that they would like to do, whether its drawing, craft, jigsaw puzzles or reading. The group then shares a home cooked two course meal together. Gloria says she likes to meet new people and Annette says is good to do things that make you happy.

Both were very happy to share their latest diamond art creations with People of Helping Hand. Annette reckons that once this this story is posted she might start charging $1 for her autograph!

People of Helping Hand Gloria and Annette diamond painting

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