Research and Development - Helping Hand

Research and Development

We challenge the idea that aged care is just about managing the needs of older people. We are changing a system which is adequate, but not exceptional. We want a system that lets older people choose what is right for them as individuals, without reducing quality of life.

We explore the way things can be, rather than just accept the way they are. Our Research and Development Unit, established in 2004, has delivered many programs and partnerships that shape the way older people and ageing are perceived and services are provided. We create new solutions by focussing on three main areas:


Research and Development

We find out what works, and why, from our clients’ perspective. We then make changes in our systems, practices and Model of Care to reflect this. We also look at what academics and experts say about a subject and turn that into practical support for people in the real world.

Development is the link between research and current practice. It is the work we need to do to refine, change, or implement new things based on the knowledge we gain through research.

Student Participation

In addition to supporting student placements, we also present on aged care through lectures to large groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students. These experiences have assisted students to gain a better understanding of the drivers influencing the aged care industry, and potential employment opportunities.


We value partnerships with government, academic, not for profit and corporate stakeholders. We are looking for long term partners who want to make a sustainable difference in aged care. Opportunities exist to invest in capital funding or into one of the projects we are running. We also welcome suggestions from prospective partners who have an interest they would like to explore together.


Research and projects at Helping Hand are focused on quality of care for older people and their families and friends. This is best achieved by including older people in all steps of the process. We also achieve best outcomes from partnerships and collaborations. The best results come from using resources and wisdom from a range of people either as experts or with living experience. Explore the pages in this section and read about our current projects, research and partnerships.