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Have a look below at some of the education projects we are engaged in. If you’d like more information, please email the team.


Communicating work health and safety in the context of cultural and linguistic diversity in aged care
This research investigated how and why participants communicate, understand and accomplish safety within the cultural and linguistic diversity of the aged care sector. Funded through SafeWork SA, Helping Hand worked with the University of South Australia to achieve an excellent outcome. The recommendations of this project are currently the focus of discussions between Helping Hand and the Research Centre for Languages and Cultures.

Interprofessional Education in Aged Care Toolkit
Brightwater Care Group and Helping Hand, in collaboration with Western Australian and South Australian universities, have delivered interprofessional education programs for students in clinical placements within their residential homes. Through funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre, evaluation of these programs has shown positive outcomes across resident, student and staff experience. The Toolkit is available to view and download from the Brightwater website.

Quality Jobs, Quality Care
The employment standards of care workers in aged care is essential for the provision of care. Working conditions play an important role in the quality of care experienced by older Australians. Whilst the role of better wages in attracting and retaining staff is widely recognised, this research project focuses on work practices (including working arrangements such as the length and variability of shifts, the organisation of care services, career development and training and management approaches). These factors shape the quality of care workers’ jobs and the quality of care they provide to clients. This project is a national project working with the University of South Australia, HammondCare, Brightwater and Uniting Voice.

Team Care
Using funding from Health Workforce Australia, Helping Hand created a teamwork model for aged care, based on Team STEPPS which has been rolled out in the acute health sector. Helping Hand won an international award for the training video used for Team Care. Copies of resources developed for Team Care can be downloaded below.