People of Helping Hand: Sammy – Helping Hand

People of Helping Hand: Sammy

The Home Care team has its very own Sister Act!

L-R, sisters Kerry and Sammy


Six months ago, Sammy (Samantha) joined the Home Care team as a Client Support Officer (CSO), after learning about Helping Hand from her sister, Kerry, who is also a CSO.

‘I was looking for a career change where I could feel I was really making a difference to someone’s life and wellbeing. Kerry was always saying how fulfilling her job was, so when a vacancy came up, I decided to go for it. And I love it here! It is such an amazing team and everyone takes care of each other. You don’t always get that in a workplace.’

While she brings her own approach and talents to the role, Sammy is also proud to be following in her sister’s career footsteps. ‘Kerry is such a “light”, so when people say that we are alike in the way we do things, I will happily take that as a compliment.’

After a busy day, Sammy likes to wind down with a surprising hobby – Entomology Taxidermy.

‘When I was living in Queensland, we experienced a butterfly “plague”. It sparked my interest in butterflies and moths and the hobby grew from there. It’s may not be for everyone, but I get so absorbed in the process and the attention to detail, that it’s actually very relaxing.’

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