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We’re stepping up and speaking out!

Our Real Care the Second Time Around’s Speak Out Project is an innovative co-design approach to meeting the individual speaking needs of people with a Lived Experience of trauma.

It is one of the activities that will be held in 2022 as part of  RCSTA’s goal – to empower Forgotten Australians / Care Leavers with the skills, through the mediums of public speaking and storytelling, to advocate for themselves, and others. Speak Out will enhance the skills developed through RCSTA’s Lived Experience Training in 2019-2020 and is designed for participants who have had some exposure to public speaking and feel emotionally ready to ‘go the next step’.

The project includes up to five tailored workshops, with a nationally recognised Speech Coach and Mentor. Workshops topics will include – vocalisation techniques, components of a speech, posture, breathing, managing anxiety, self-care etc. The project will also produce a Speak Out Package for national dissemination that includes: participant presentation videos and a practical tips guide for people with Lived Experience, based on content delivered in the Speak Out workshops.

Speak Out’s  broader aim is to raise awareness of how  storytelling, when reinforced with public speaking skills, can provide  powerful messages for change. All participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the project and opportunities, identified by them, to present locally and nationally.

Speak Out workshop attendees who also identify as Forgotten Australians

Real Care the Second Time Around Speak Out participants who also identify as Forgotten Australians / Care Leavers

For more information on Speak Out, please contact our project team at [email protected]

Visit our webpage for more information about the Real Care the Second Time Around project and our work with Forgotten Australians / Care Leavers.

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