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How do I start a conversation about aged care?

How do I start a conversation about aged care?

Most of us are comfortable talking about our retirement plans or drawing up a Will. Having plans in place for getting older is an extension of these types of arrangements.

An Advanced Care Directive is a legal form where people can express their personal wishes regarding their future health care, end of life choices, living arrangements or other personal matters. Power of Attorney is another legal arrangement where a parent appoints someone to oversee their financial, medical or personal affairs.
Having a conversation about these plans is a good way to start a conversation with your parents about their preferences and choices as they get older.

To find out more about Power of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives go to the South Australian Government website.

We understand that having a conversation with a loved one about getting older can be challenging and emotional – for everyone. We’ve developed a series of short films, where you can follow one family’s experiences, from different points of view, as they find themselves making decisions about aged care.


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