Stef – Helping Hand


Stef is an Administrative Assistant at our residential care home in Parafield Gardens. She has been working for Helping Hand for just over a year.

Stef, receptionist at Parafield Gardens

Stef came from Australia’s Red Cross First Aid Department, ‘It’s my first time in aged care, it was a big step that I thought I would take to get out of just sitting behind a desk all day, and so I could make a difference. I wanted more interaction with people, as I’m a people person’.

When asking Stef what her favourite part of her job is, she said ’The residents and the relationships we make with them. Having conversations with them and making their day at front reception. We get to see them all the time when they’re walking past going to activities or concerts.’

‘It’s nice to be able to make a difference. We have a resident here whose family live overseas. To make life easier for her, I went out and got her a mobile phone with a pre-paid international sim card so she could receive and make phone calls to her family overseas. It has made her life ten times easier.’

Stef said this job has given her a different perspective on older people and aged care, ‘they are no different to us, you just have to be a little more patient and take some time to talk to them’.

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