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Making life at home easier

Find out how home care can help lighten the load around the home.

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When to get home care

This is a decision that you need to arrive at for yourself, or with your partner or family — when you are ready. You might have noticed things that used to be easy are starting to get more difficult; things like hanging out the washing, putting away the shopping, or perhaps you’re feeling less inclined to make a home cooked meal. For others, a more significant event such as a fall will be the motivation to seek assistance at home. Getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later is a good idea.

What does help at home look like?

You can be assured that getting help at home doesn’t mean a carer comes in and takes over. We’re simply here to help, in what ever way serves you best.

All that might mean is:

  • having someone go to the shop with you
  • a hand in the garden or help cleaning
  • someone to stand outside the bathroom door
  • assistance with personal care
  • a health professional such as a physiotherapist or
    occupational therapist visiting you to help with
    mobility, balance and pain management.

Whatever your needs are, or however they change, we can adapt.

If you’d like to talk to us about getting some help around your home, call us on 1300 653 600. Or find out more about home care on our website.

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Find out more about getting help at home

Getting some help around the house, such as cleaning, gardening or personal care, can make life easier and help you stay in your own home for longer.

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