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Making decisions with dementia

Learn more about how to empower a loved one living with dementia.

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It should never be assumed that a person living with dementia is unable to make their own decisions.

For many families, the transition to aged care isn’t without its challenges. And when clarity is
required, there are good suggestions to support a family member with dementia.

Make decisions before dementia is advanced

It might seem premature to have robust discussions before someone needs decision making support, but the earlier the conversation, the greater the clarity about how any one person will express their wants and needs.

These conversations are emotional. But done with openness, they will build a series of decisions that
will become a guide for family members. Honour the person you love.

Write it down

Writing things down removes any ambiguity over what a person’s decisions are. Document the options that have been considered, the decisions that have been made and why they’ve been made. And most importantly family members should know where these wishes are kept.

Every day decisions

It may be hard for family members to know how to be with a family member living with dementia, and it’s very important for the person living with dementia to maintain their dignity and control over their life.

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