There to care: Josh’s meaningful quest to find purpose and passion
In aged care, every day is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of older people. At Helping Hand, every moment matters and every client counts. No one exemplifies this ethos more than our incredible Home Support Worker, Josh. We talked to him about his remarkable journey of self-discovery, compassion and unwavering support.

Embracing a new path

Josh’s journey began far from an aged care setting in a family-owned mechanic business in South Australia, answering phone calls and managing daily operations. Despite a deep-rooted connection to his family, he felt a growing sense of unease and lack of direction in his life.

“All my brothers are qualified mechanics, but that was never my interest,” Josh reflects. “I felt a little bit lost, sitting in an office all day, answering phones and completing paperwork. I knew I had more to give.”

Growing disheartened day by day, Josh eventually told his father that it was time for him to venture out and explore different opportunities. His quest to find purpose led him through various roles, including hotel and house cleaning, before he stumbled upon a position in aged care, which changed the course of his life.

“That’s when I realised my purpose in life is to help older people,” says Josh. “I really love them and I give my all to them. It’s not just about the money; it’s far more than that. It’s about the connections I get to form with clients.”

Fuelled by newfound passion and exuberance, Josh discovered a sense of fulfilment in his role as a Home Support Worker, treasuring the small moments of connection with his clients above all else.

“Hearing their stories amazes me,” he says. “My generation, we have everything and we’re not happy. The people I work with have been through world wars and recessions; they were struggling, but they were content. Hearing their stories and life experiences makes me go home each night and be grateful for what I have.”

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A career with real purpose

With persistence and dedication that comes from deep within, Josh shows up day after day, come rain or shine, to provide in-home care for our clients. Thriving on a full and dynamic roster, he sees clients on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, depending on their specific needs. His role includes transporting clients to appointments or to see family, assisting with shopping, meal preparation, and domestic cleaning. Most of all, it’s about making sure clients feel safe and supported.

“In a day, I can see anywhere from two to seven clients. On top of the cleaning and domestic duties, we also provide social support, such as having lunch with a client, watching a movie together or doing a puzzle.”

The essence of Helping Hand’s in-home care is that a client can remain in the comfort of their own home – a place where they may have lived for many years, raising a family and forming cherished memories. The high-quality care that Josh and our Home Care team provide means our clients can remain living independently in this familiar place of warmth, safety and connection”

In fact, many of our in-home clients hold Josh and his outstanding care in such high regard that they request his services specifically. However, his unwavering dedication presents a challenging yet deeply meaningful aspect of his role.

“The only difficult part of my job is when we lose a client,” Josh says. “It’s tough because, despite our best efforts not to get too attached, it happens. And when one of our clients passes away, it really affects you.”

In tough moments like these, Josh says Helping Hand is always there to care, and he knows he’s surrounded by teammates and leaders who share his values and strength.

“The support I receive from Helping Hand is truly amazing, and it’s one of the reasons why I love working here,” says Josh. “If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can speak to my manager or my team leaders, and they go above and beyond to make sure I’m okay. That’s one thing about working at Helping Hand – there’s so much support around you.”

On a mission to grow and improve

Make no mistake – a career in aged care isn’t for the faint hearted. But there’s so much to feel good about and so much positive change ahead. Although Josh’s journey has been anything but plain sailing, he’s made great strides to build a stable and rewarding career with Helping Hand.

“I call myself a warrior because I’ve been through so much in my life, and I’m still here to tell the story,” he says proudly. “Eventually, I want to become a team leader and then maybe a supervisor. I believe I’ve still got so much to give, not just in my career but in my life as well. We’ve all got our own paths to take, but in my heart, I feel like aged care is where I belong.”

A career at Helping Hand is an opportunity to make a positive change in your community, and it’s our people like Josh who are the best advocates for the older people in our care.

“I’ve got a few mates who are mechanics and are looking for a career change and I always tell them to go with Helping Hand. It’s just such a rewarding job. Each time I go to work, I’m reminded of how much I love what I do.”

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