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Words cannot do justice to the wonderful people who make up Helping Hand. What we do in aged care is so important and our people know it. Their dedication, care, support, strength and humour make us who we are. You’ll find so much knowledge and experience when you join the Helping Hand team as well as people who’ll walk with you through thick and thin. You’ll also find plenty to challenge you while keeping our shared purpose front of mind.
Our people choose to be part of something bigger at Helping Hand. But we thought you’d rather hear it from them! Get to know some members of our team below.

Stories from our team

Meet Hariz

“I work with such a good team. And it makes a world of difference. When you come in it’s ‘How are you going? What did you get up to last night?’ I wouldn’t work anywhere else for this reason.”

Hariz’s story

Meet Thien

“I tried out various areas of physiotherapy such as private practice, WorkCover (Occupational Health and Safety), and rehabilitation, and in the end, I decided aged care is what I enjoy the most. That’s why I came to Helping Hand, and that’s why I’ve been here for almost 10 years.”

Thien’s story

Meet Ellie

“It’s a nice community. I like the people I work with; we’re a good team. I’ve built some strong relationships, and I just love the residents here. They are good fun people who’ve lived interesting lives and I like hearing about them.”

Ellie’s story

Meet Lauren

“It’s having good teams supporting each other, people you can go to who will genuinely give you their time and help you, even when busy. That’s what makes the difference. The teamwork aspect is vital, and it’s really good at Helping Hand. I think that’s why a lot of people stay and why they come back, too.”

Lauren’s story

Meet Josh

“The support I receive from Helping Hand is truly amazing. It’s one of the reasons I would never leave. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can speak to my manager or my team leaders. That’s one thing about working at Helping Hand – there’s so much support around you.”

Josh’s story

Meet Donna

“Helping Hand is one of the best organisations I’ve ever worked for. They actually live their values here and they inform every part of the business, from staff engagement through to people in care.”

Donna’s story