Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The cost depends on the support received. The Government subsidises part of the cost, so clients only pay a small, affordable amount if they can afford to.

Click here to download our current fee schedule for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

Home Care Packages

Helping Hand staff will ask you about your income to work out the amount you will need to pay for your Home Care Package.

Basic daily fee

Helping Hand does not charge a Basic Daily Fee to clients. If you require more services than are available in your Home Care Package, you can talk about options (which may include paying a fee to access more services) with your Coordinator.

Income tested care fee

If you have additional income, you may be asked to pay an extra amount on top of the basic daily fee. Centrelink will work out the fee based on your financial situation. Your home is not included.

Click here to download our current fee schedule for Home Care Packages.

Elevate by Helping Hand

All services provided under a Home Care Package can be paid for privately through the Elevate by Helping Hand program. Elevate can be used to top-up your package, or to access services if you do not have approval for a package.

Click here to download our current fee schedule for Elevate by Helping Hand.

Use our package calculator

Based on your Home Care Package level our calculator enables you to see what services you may be able to access and how often.

Call our Help at Home Team on 1300 444 663 for more information.

Connect with us to find out more

If you need more information you can call one of our friendly team members now, or request a callback at a preferred time.

Or if you are ready to register your interest in this service, you can do this online now too.

Advice about Help at Home

The cost of help at home services varies from person to person, depending on what services you are receiving, and your own personal financial situation. The Government may contribute toward your care costs, and you may be asked to contribute towards them too if you can afford it. My Aged Care provides an overview of the costs involved on their website, and we also publish our fees for Home Care Packages and Elevate by Helping Hand on our website.

You can talk to our Home Care Services team with any queries about your account, on 1300 444 663. You can also contact our Accounts Department on 08 8366 5426 if you are having trouble with a payment. Please have your Client ID number ready – this can be found on the top right-hand side of your Tax Invoice/Statement.

Qualified nurses can visit clients in their home and make them feel safe and comfortable. They can help with managing wounds, medication, continence and more. They can carry out health assessments and reviews, and help with monitoring blood pressure, oxygen levels and more. Our nurses are a great support for people who are recovering from injury or illness and need some help to get back on their feet.

Please call our Home Care Services team on 1300 444 663 during business hours, and have your Client ID number ready (this can be found on the top right-hand side of your Tax Invoice/Statement). Please allow at least 24 hours notice when calling, to avoid being charged for a cancelled or changed visit.

Transition care provides short-term care after a hospital stay to help you get back on your feet. You can have nursing, physical therapy and personal care services. You will need to have hospital staff arrange an assessment while you are still an inpatient, or you can arrange this yourself by phoning My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.